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By Christina Chan, Coco Au and Katherine Cheng

On Nov. 9, an online media claimed on Facebook that social media mogul Mark Zuckerberg had been prosecuted for bribery, after donating US$10 million to swing states in the presidential elections such as Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

The post went on to say the alleged funding was used for setting up more than 800 new polling stations in Philadelphia, as well as for paying the salary of election judges for “monitoring the ballot counting and dealing with disputes on vote counting result.”

An illustration with Zuckerberg behind prison bars was included in the post, which gathered at least 884 interactions, 433 shares and 80 comments after several media organizations in the U.S. …

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By Coco Au and Christina Chan

A photo of people going to the Hong Kong International Airport to join the protests in August 2019 alongside an announcement about the restructuring of the Cathay Pacific Airways Limited was posted on Facebook on Oct. 21.

The Hong Kong flagship carrier announced on that day it would eliminate 8,500 positions globally, consequently letting go of 5,300 Hong Kong-based employees as well as ceasing the operations of Cathay Dragon on their official website.

The Facebook post reads:

正常香港市民記得去年,機場和你塞嗎? 今天它們自食其果,攬炒成功,國泰航空裁走本地5300位員工,多謝空姐工會!

It translates in English as:

“Normal Hong Kong citizens, remember the airport protest from last year? Today they reap what they have sown. They succeed in mutual destruction. Cathay Pacific fires 5300 local staffers, thanks to the cabin attendants union!” …


Christina Chan

Originally from Hong Kong, spent 1/3 of her life in Japan. Currently back as a Journalism master student at The University of Hong Kong.

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